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We offer business owners professional, experienced and licensed representation. For many business owners, divesting and selling their business is a once in a lifetime event.  We recognize that and do everything we can to insure a successful transaction and close at your terms and conditions.

Our service begins with a Complementary Opinion of Value, based on market comps for similar businesses in size and type in your industry, segment and location. For that report we require 2 years of back financials including:

Income Statements and Balance Sheets, plus Y-T-D financials, as well as an overview of the business.

We then sit down and discuss a strategy and execution plan to go to market confidentially to find the right buyer, partner or investor for you.  Our service begins with the Opinion of Value, includes financial document aggregation, review, presentation preparation, marketing, use of non-disclosure documents, buyer prospect screening and due diligence, negotiation, LOIs, advise and counsel, leading to a closing with a successful transaction.