Clarke Advisors LLC is a boutique Private Investment Banking and Merchant Firm, specializing in Financial Advisory and Merchant Banking, providing the highest quality Investment Banking services including institutional financing, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures for small to medium-sized private and public companies. 

Clarke Advisors LLC
Private Investment Banking
7275 E. Easy St,  Suite 107
P.O. Box 3466

​Carefree, Arizona 85377

Investment Bankers Specializing In 

Arizona Mergers And Acquisitions, Divestitures & Capital Raise

Security transactions are conducted through Penates Group, Inc.   (FINRA/SIPC

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As a boutique investment banking firm, Clarke has the ability to handle lower middle market transactions, between $5 and $250 million. Clarke is unique with the strength of additional resources, which include Penates Group, Inc. (FINRA/SIPC), RBC Investment Banking (for larger transactions) and RBC Wealth Management.  Clarke Advisors Merger and Acquisition practice has a market focus on lower middle market companies.  Clarke’s capital markets focus is on institutional placements of equity and debt  (Series A, B or C) of between $10 and $50 million. Clarke’s Merchant Group makes principal investments in closely held basic industry and service-oriented companies.

I am available for consultation about your plans and objectives at:

Direct: 480.666.5511

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