​12/15/2016 By Greg Gush

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Arizona Business Brokers should be very positive and face 2017 with a smile on
their faces. So too should Arizona business buyers and sellers. It’s always preferable
to buyers to buy into a rising market and economy. So too, is it preferable for sellers
to sell into an increasing economy. Business sellers can actually find buyers. More
good news came in December from the economic prognosticators for the economy
in 2017.

In short, in the general economy the 2016 Gross Domestic Product continues ticking
up and is projected higher in 2017; jobs growth, hiring increases, stronger market
for skilled workers, growth in professional services, business services, healthcare
and government all showed increases; interest rates and inflation ticking up which
will improve the health of financial institutions and asset values; single family starts
are continuing to increase as well as retail sales.

We are talking and focusing on issues again. Yes! Every issue has implications in
our improving economy. What’s News in the WSJ today started with Fed Optimism
(that’s a good thing); then, Dow posted new highs again (ok, good); the dollar rose
(A strong currency can be helpful); Treasure pushed up yield (will help financials);
Exxon faces issues with exiting CEO to Gov’t (energy is a worldwide platform in
which we need to play, even with self sufficiency goal); Calpers seeks more
conservative returns (they are a bit late on that one, but better late than never);
OPEC wants non country’s support (that game is losing steam); lower oil prices (go
natural gas production and self sufficiency); and Fidelity lowers trading fees to
support ETFs (lower fees and use of powerful new investment vehicles good for
investors). I see a lot of positive here. Ok, I skipped the VW emissions cheating
article. It’s not a bright spot, but hey, they were caught and deserve to get slammed
more. And, the Yahoo data breach announcement may stimulate better cyber

Thumbs up as we go into 2017!​

​Gregory S. Gush
Licensed Investment Banker & Business Broker

11.16.2016 By Greg Gush 

Arizona Economic Future Bright- Surfing a Wave of Growth.

I like the positive outlook going forward for Arizona. The election is behind us. Much of the uncertainty too has passed. The EBRC, the Economic and Business Research Center, speaking on the Arizona Economy says Arizona is ‘Surfing A Wave of Growth’! From Washington, we are hearing talk of infrastructure investment, lower business taxes, and less constricting business regulation.

All of this bodes well for Arizona businesses, as well as, Arizona business owners and the next generation of Arizona business buyers. Baby Boomers represent a huge percentage of the population currently. As they consider retirement, many will either pass on their businesses to their kids or contact an Arizona Business Broker. 

This is all good news for entrepreneurs too. Current owners in this more positive environment can get a good fair price for their business, retire and move on. This should impact the opportunities, increasing the number of Arizona businesses for sale. Buyers will face more opportunities, buy at attractive prices, and look forward to a positive business environment generating increases for business owners. 

I noticed a recent headline, ‘Buffett buys stakes in four airlines’. Buffett buys strong companies that are undervalued and is into industries that are under priced. Hey, I like that. We live in a resort destination. Arizona is a golf haven and a sunny paradise to all those snow bound Northerners. Move to Arizona and buy a business here. For Business owners, selling into a rising market is always better.

​Gregory S. Gush
Licensed Investment Banker & Business Broker

​​10/21/2016 By Greg Gush

What do I do first?

If I’m an Arizona business owner contemplating retiring and / or selling my business, what do I do first?  I would ask my business CPA or Attorney, with whom I most likely have a strong and trusted relationship.  Good choice.  He or she may recommend someone.  I hope they would also encourage me to do some research on the many brokers in the marketplace.  I would research them just like I would when considering a vendor for my business.  I also would not use my Accountant or Lawyer to find me a buyer.  I believe in specialization.  ‘Let the accountants account, the lawyers lawyer, and the brokers broker.’  My broker’s job is to find me a lot of buyers at the best price.

From a legal and licensing point of view, Arizona business brokers are required to hold active Arizona Real Estate Licenses, and should have a specialty in business brokering. Commercial Real Estate is quite different from Residential and even more so from Business Brokering.  I can check with the Arizona Real Estate Department to confirm their Licensing.  

In addition, maybe I want to take on a partner, sell a portion of the equity in my business, raise some equity capital or sell my business as a stock sale.  Well, many of these options require that my business broker also have a security license.  Oh!  Wow!  I should check into this, for there are penalties for the broker AND the business seller when there are security violations. Some business brokers have actually gone out and licensed themselves in securities, as Investment Bankers.  Good job!  I can check with FINRA.org to see if my broker has a security license.  It will also show violations, just like the Real Estate Department.  Good to know. 

Now that I have a road map of how to approach the first step in considering which broker, the next blog will cover, a Good Approach to Selecting an Arizona Business Broker:  First Get a Complementary Opinion of Value from the broker.  I’ll get to know the broker and his/her professionalism, and at the same time, get an opinion of what my company may be worth in the marketplace.  Good to know.  

Gregory S. Gush
Licensed Investment Banker & Business Broker

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